Why don't you do under wired cups on corsets?

Underwired cups were designed to be a cheap way to mass-produce women’s underwear and they are exactly that. They are also not the best way. Under wire actually gives very minimal support. All it does is hang a large bust from the unlucky recipient’s shoulders which usually results in back and shoulder pain. On a small bust, they do even less! Any woman with an A-cup can remember at least one incident of raising her arms and landing up with her bra cups hugging her armpits! Boning when correctly placed and cut will take the weight of a large bust and place it on the hips rather than the shoulders which eradicate back problems. On a small bust, it will give more push-up and cleavage than any wonderbra.

Another reason for not putting under wired bra cups in corsets is that your bra is then anchored to your corset (which just to further complicate matters in a off the rack will seldom match your torso length resulting in your cups sitting too high or low) If you twist your torso or lift your arms, your bust will fall out of the cups which are not moving with you.

Many women when they lose or gain weight, notice it first in the size of their bust which results in them needing a collection of bra’s for various bust sizes. A boned garment will fit pretty much three cup sizes up or down.


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Are corsets safe?

Yes. As long you you are buying a quality product from a reputable corsetiere, corsets are completely safe. The waist reduction on most off the rack corsets is so minimal, that all you are really doing is moving a bit of fat around. Corsets also provide beneficial support for people with posture and mild spinal problems and We are frequently recommended by doctors around South Africa for posture and scoliosis support garments.

It is a myth that women died from corsets in the Victorian era much the same as it is a myth that all women had 18” waists - that is much like people a hundred years from now thinking that all women in the 2000's had enormous implants based on a few tabloid pics, so please don't believe everything you read!

If you would like more information, please drop us a mail or give us a call and we will gladly answer any questions you may have

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When should I not wear a corset?

When you are past the first trimester of a pregnancy.

If you have any digestive problems - ulcers, IBS, etc resolve them first then corset when you are healthy again.

If you have a hernia

If you have had any operations to the abdomen within the past two years. It takes the body two years to heal properly and settle again after an operation.

If you have had gastric bypass surgery.

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Are corsets comfortable?

Yes. A well made corset is like a good pair of leather boots. Your first few wears will be a little uncomfortable as the corset is still stiff and new, however as it wears in it will get more and more comfortable until it is like a second skin.

Many of our clients refer to their corsets feeling like "a hug all over"

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What happens to your internal organs when wearing a corset?

Some move up and some move down. Basically your organs move around in the same way as they would if you were pregnant to make way for the baby. Unless you have one of the aforementioned medical conditions, you are completely safe.

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Busks vs zips vs Lace-up front in corsets

I do use busks, but they aren’t a common choice as many people find them to be difficult to do up and undo (especially if you are left handed) the modern busks also aren’t as stiff as they should be and they have to be re-inforced with extra steel. It is very common to break a busk and if you do, you have to throw away the entire corset. The zips used by Arwen Garmentry are made especially for us by YKK. They are very strong and hardwearing. They are easy to do up and loosen. A zip in a corset is also like a fuse - If you over-lace your corset (which is a very common problem especially for beginners) you will break your zip before you harm yourself or damage your corset. If you break the zip it is cheap and easy to replace. That said, you really have to try hard to break the zip.

The lace-up front is our most popular closure as it is strong, foolproof and pretty. It adds a layer of detail to a classic corset and also most importantly gives the wearer more control over her bust support than the other two options.

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I have just ordered from your shop. how long will it take for my garment to arrive?

I am aware that there have been problems with timing on online orders in the past (orders taking six weeks or more to be filled) and promise that this has been rectified. Usually shop pieces will be shipped in under two weeks, however sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control (fabrics on order etc) it may take longer. In this case, we will keep you updated on the progress of your order. If you would like to collect your order from our studio, it will save on a week

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Steel boning vs Plastic boning in corsets

You have probably been told by a dozen websites, that you must only buy a corset that is steel boned. This is untrue.

First up, most plastic boning is rubbish - uncomfortable, unsupportive and breaks easily, however so is most steel boning.

In the majority of our corsets, we use one of various types of plastic boning, these are recycled German polymides that are designed to mould with body-heat to create a comfortable fit. The more you wear your corset, the better it will get. This plastic boning is very strong, but supple, it lies smoothly, creating gorgeous curves, and can even be used to create extreme curves and does not break or create ripples.

Should you choose the steel boning option, we use a mixture of heavy duty flat stainless steel and high quality spiral steel in various gauges dependent on the corset type and placement.

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I would like to model for you, what do you look for in a model?

Very few of our models are professional models, most are gorgeous women like yourself who look great in our clothes. Here is a run-down of what we look for:

*no previous experience neccessary.

* Models can be of any ethnicity

*We are interested in women who have unusual looks and character as well as those who are traditionally beautiful.

*must be 18yrs or over.

*open minded, easy going and no body issues.

*Size 30 - Bust 81cm, waist 65cm, hip 88cm (or as close as possible) this is our rail sample and mannequin size.

*Height from 5'3" (161cm) up

*Any bust size, from teeny to super duper.

We do prefer our models to be as proportionate as possible - ie, have hips and bust in proportion whether you are skinny or curvaceous.

*hair any length and colour but must be in good condition with fresh colour - no roots. Please no undercuts, shaved bits, mullets, very heavily layered hair or other "subculture" styles. dreads welcome as long as they are clean and well kept without bits of floatsam (beads, thread, last night's dinner etc) stuck in them

*All piercings particularly facial and multiple ear piercings must be removable. No large gauge plugs.

*Tattoos must be easily concealable within a short sleeved shirt. We do show sometimes model's tats, but only when they work with the outfit

*No, you don't get paid and you don't get to choose or keep what you wear in a shoot. You get amazing pics.

*We do sometimes look for models outside of these criteria for themed shoots, so please send us a couple of clear, recent pics of yourself, full length, face and of any distinguishing characteristics with your measurements and a write-up about yourself and we will keep you on our books!

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Post-partum corsets: I've just had a baby, will a corset help me to get my body back?

Yes, yes, yes! The best piece of underwear that you can own post-partum is a Merry Widow.

A Merry Widow is light and flexible but gives unparalleled tummy flattening and bust support (get a lace-up front one if you want to breastfeed), it will also help to support your back while you are picking up and holding your little one.

If you have had a natural birth, the sooner you start wearing the corset, the better (even the day after you have given birth if possible) as what it will do is help to hold your body together while it heals from your pregnancy and help you to get your waistline and flat tummy back quickly. It will also help you to shed the baby weight as a corset of any form does not allow you to overeat or eat junk food.

If you have had a c-section, you unfortunately will need to wait at least 6 months before you can wear a corset as the internal scarring needs time to settle and heal before you can put pressure on it.

The bonus to wearing a corset postpartum is the confidence boost in having your gorgeous pre-baby body back the second you put the corset on.

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We do not allow returns on Merry Widows or accessories, all other items, we will happily swap out for you if you have ordered the incorrect size. Items must be unworn and returned within 7 days (shipping to your account incoming) We do not give refunds.

Please contact us for more info

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We do not allow returns on Merry Widows or accessories, all other items, we will happily swap out for you if you have ordered the incorrect size. Items must be unworn and returned within 7 days (shipping to your account incoming) We do not give refunds.

Please contact us for more info

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