Coffee grounds as vitalizing hair conditioner

Coffee makes beautiful – at least the seemingly useless remnants of the former coffee pleasure in the form of coffee grounds! It is much too good to throw away. Coffee grounds are perfect for use as a hair conditioner against dull and fine hair.

The caffeine still contained in coffee grounds stimulates the hair roots and thus promotes growth. Caffeine also strengthens the hair and gives it more luminosity. This is how the coffee grounds hair conditioner works For the hair conditioner, both fresh (still moist) and dried coffee grounds can be used. Mix about 3-4 tablespoons of coffee grounds (depending on the hair volume even more) with water to a paste and distribute the paste in the hair.

It is important that you also massage your scalp with it. So the caffeine can penetrate to the hair roots. Leave this conditioner on for at least ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Tip: Since the caffeine is quickly broken down again, regular use is recommended.

This will further increase the effectiveness. Some people also use caffeine for hair loss. However, there is no scientific evidence to date that it helps against hair loss.

For comparison: a caffeine shampoo from the field of natural cosmetics costs almost nine euros. On the other hand, the “caffeine boost” for the hair is provided free with the coffee.

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